Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Suessical Junk

It's been a bit, so I thought I'd post a few tidbits that I whipped up for a company "fun week". Done, hopefully, in the classical style of Dr Suess - I tried to make each of them specific to the book it was paying homage to:

(part I - week overview)

And To Think That It Happened On Ol' Gatty Drive!

Hey you, yes you, in the back of the row!
Are you thinking and wondering about the places you'll go?
Are you counting your fishies, are you hopping on pop?
Are you thinking the good times may never stop?
Are you wishing you could stand up and slap a high-five?
Well.. All that will happen on Ol' Gatty Drive!

On Monday, O Monday, it's never the best
So the Grinch stole it and hid it in a crunkula chest!
He wasn't done yet, that grunch of a Grinch!
He traded Monday for Friday - every last inch!

Then Tuesday became Thursday, we went back in time!
(the Grinch nodded and winked "Now is that such a crime?")
What treat waits on Thursday, you're dying to know!
Formal dress up attire - OH the Places You'll Go!

Wednesday stayed Wednesday, "I can't fix them all!"
Said that grunchtrastic Grinch when he answered our call.
What happens on Wednesday, besides this and that..
Wearing bambobulous headwear with the Cat in the Hat!

Thursday became Tuesday, and Tuesday's fun too!
With special guest stars from the finkle-fish zoo!
(it's red fish and blue fish, numbered just one and two!)
(and you can join too, long as we're not code blue..)
(tell all of your friends! Tell all your crew!)
(dress down on Thur-Tuesday, that's what you'll do!)
(it's important you show up, so don't catch the flu!)
(I could go on forever, for really, it's true..)
(this is getting quite old now! It's no longer new!)

The week ends on Friday, that's the best day done twice!
Grinchy smiled awfully smugly, he felt very nice.
Reset you calendar, reset all your clocks..
We close the week out with our friend Fox in Socks!

So what does all of this mean, you're dying to know?
To get ready for fun-ness, to get on with the show!
For all the best answers, just read down below..

(part II - How the Grinch Grinched Monday)

All of you here in you-ville like Fridays a lot
But who of you likes a Monday....
..........yes, just as I thought!

That's it! No discussion! Your Monday's been grinched!
.. I thought it'd be tougher, but it was easily pinched!

I took it and squeezed it and scrunched it up small
a little pink weekday the size of a ball..
.. that I stuck in a chest that I kept down the hall!

Now what to do with that Monday sized hole?
I couldn't ungrinch the bad weekday I stole..

But.... maybe replace it with something much nicer,
Maybe Wednesday, maybe ... Thursday.. I had to think twice (er..)

Of course, it's so simple, too simple by half!
Trade Friday for Monday, how's that for a laugh?

Who doesn't love a Friday, the best of the days
(bringing the weekend and oodles of pay!)

(part III - OH the Places You'll Go!)

OH! The Places You'll Go!

Tomorrow's your day!
For getting to dress up,
For getting to play!

Fancy hats on your head
Shiny shoes on your feet
Tuxedos and cummerbunds looking quite sweet!

This wouldn't work on a Tuesday,
Not one little bit
But dress up on Tue-Thursday
Will be such a hit!

As if all this fanciness wasn't nearly enough
(not that looking this elegant is terribly tough!)
You can make glamtabulous jewelry to show off your stuff!
You'll be such a superstar - such a gem in the rough!

The places you'll go!

And will you do fine?
Yes! I've seen all the signs!
(up from 98 percent awesome to 99 point 9!!)