Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Challenge

So I was walking home from school one day with a few friends, right? Mike, one of the friends in question fancied himself a poet. Truth be told, I did as well. We were discussing the quality of our poems.

Mike could clearly tell that I was something of a poetical genius, and his hackles rose. He immediately challenged me to a ......... Poem-off.

Yes. A poem off.

He posed that we'd each have 2 minutes to compile a poem that would indicate our skill at composing on the spot. He indicated that he would set the example and go first. His poem was this:

My prowess is big.
Is VERY big.
Is hairy like a pig.

It was impossible to conceive of a better poem, especially while doubled over laughing.

My friends are downstairs right now playing rock band. I can hear my fiancee warbling out Michael Jackson's Beat It with glee. She does a surprisingly good MJ. I am feeling pretty good myself, now that I think about it.

I've had four shots of Jaegermeister, 3 beers, and a rum and coke. This has made me perhaps the ultimate blogger.



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