Sunday, July 15, 2012

O World of Media

(did I really never post this.. found this today in my drafts..)

How much is too much? I'm sitting here listening to Pandora on my Kindle, playing Vanguard on my laptop and surfing Twitter on my PC. Earlier I was watching Firefly on the Kindle while playing TWO characters in Vanguard (this is no accomplishment, I know folks who do three with ease..)

So, back to my question, how much is too much?

In the year that I have the absolute most I have ever had, I am trying to shift my focus back to more important things. Health, family, friends, my critters and my professional life. How hard is it to do all of this when I have so much information and media and sensation at my fingertips? I hope to find out.

In 2012 I plan to move closer to my life's goal with Touch Paper Press. I plan to lose weight and keep it off. I plan to be a better dog owner (more walks etc..), spend more time with friends and family and help the people who are important to me that I work with advance and prosper.

Piece of cake. ;)

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