Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Welcome to my first post. It was originally full of excitement and wonder, woe and dismay, terrible forboding and wonderful omens..

And now it's just my first post.


I'm sure as the blog continues, I'll tell you more about myself, if you care to read on. For now, I'm just drawing a line in the sand and labeling it.. "Start Here".

So I'm starting.

I'm 33 years old this year, and I feel like I'm at kind of a crossroads in my life. Seriously. For about the past two years I've had a mid-life crisis-ish. How, you may ask?

1) I bought a Mid Life Crisismobile. Now I just drive around town waiting for someone to flash the Mid Life Crisisignal into the sky so I can bust into action.

2) I divorced my wife. Well, I mean, my ex-wife. I also divorced her family, her friends, my house, my power-drill, and my really keen entertainment center.. but I digress.

3) My job has become very interesting as of late. I'm sure I'll go into it in excruiating (yet suitably non-job threateningly vague) sort of ways, but for now, just know that its...... interesting.

4) Dating. Since the divorce I've dated close to 30 girls. Seriously. It was the great Flurry O Dating. Most of them consisted of meeting once and never again.. but.. It was miserable.

.... Miserable how? Doesn't everyone love to date? HELL NO. Dating is like looking for a specific sock, in a drawer full of hundreds (nay - THOUSANDS) of other socks. In short, it's painful and mostly boring.

5) That brings us to now. I'm dating a girl I very much dig. I don't just mean "key lime pie at midnight" level of digging.. it's MUCH stronger. I'm sure you'll hear about her more in the future.. You lucky devils!

6) I'm in debt.. I got a little crazy last Christmas, and last year period (what with movin' and all) so I'm getting that all paid down.

7) I'm slowly drifting away from certain friends, and closer to other groups of friends. I think this is fairly cyclic though, as I love all of my friends. I would never intentionally drop out of any of these guys' lives.

8) Eight, eight, I forgot what eight was for...

Ok, if you're still reading this, I have a confession to make.. About the last 3 of those points were really just so I could squeeze in a Femmes reference.

Anyhow, thank you for reading.. I'll try to update often since I can almost picture you sitting there, drooling over the notion of another one of these action packed(!) posts..

Stay tuned. :)

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