Tuesday, May 6, 2008


From me...

I die a little each time you leave..
And walk away from me.
And though I know, you'll come and go It's the coming I want to see!

I need to see your sparkling eyes,
I need to smell your skin!
I need to feel your arms around me,
And revel in our sin.

I need to hear I love you,
I need to see you smile,
'cause if you're away a single day,
I'm dying all the while.


I never thought I'd walk the moon,
or sail the seven seas.
I never thought I'd touch the clouds,
or ride upon the breeze!
I never thought I'd do these things,
A shame to never do,
But I never guessed I'd meet a girl,
I'd love like I love you!

Now every second I'm with you,
I feel like I can fly.
Like the moon crunches under every step,
That I could never die!
Every morning, every night and all the time between,
I think of your touch,
Your kiss,
Your smile,
And all the things we've seen!

I now believe in living dreams,
That wishes can come true..
I hardly care what tomorrow brings,
As long as it brings you.
So here's my love back at you, baby..
Wrapped in words that rhyme.
And as you read each metered verse,
My darling Corissa..
Your name, I'll say, a hundred times each day,
Until the end of time.


We order dinner in a high class restaurant,
Everyone here is so polite..
Fancy red flowers on a fancier tablecloth,
The place is lit with soft moonlight..

But it’s not the wine with an Italian name
It’s not the soft music that they play..
I know it’s not the dinner at all,
It’s the quiet things you say..

You whisper “oh, god, take my hand,
Hold me where the light won’t go..
Oh, god, take my hand..
Touch my body, take it slow..”

I have to guess what’s under the tablecloth..
Your legs are crossed so tight..
One finger traces lines around your glass..
Your other hand is hidden by night.

Your words are burned into my thoughts now..
Still too far away for me to hold.
You’re sliding down into your chair now..
The fancy restaurant slips away..

You whisper “oh, god, take my hand,
Hold me where the light won’t go..
Oh, god, take my hand..
Touch my body, take it slow..”

Finally, I’m touching you,
Where the light doesn’t dare to go.
Oh, god, I’m touching an angel..
Touching an angel, taking it slow..

You scream “OH GOD, That’s it, love!”
“Deeper now, there you go!
OH GOD, take me, baby..
Take me harder, take me slow.. ”


Nightfall on your shoulders, autumn in your eyes..
Summer’s color on your skin, lips are sunset skies
I’ll never tire of the changing seasons,
I’ll never bore of its touch.
I’ll never turn aside from the kind of things,
I’ve learned to love so much.


Sionathan said...

Hey, those aren't half-bad, Sweedie! Did you really write them? ;)

The Raging Swede(tm) said...

Haha, bite me, Sion. How'd you find me here brother?

And yes, I did. Corissa brings it out in me. I'm nuts for her. NUTS!