Monday, May 5, 2008


Rage, baby! Pure uninhibited rage!!

I'm no sociologist, but I would wager that a big chunk of the anger and rage of the world comes from embarrassment. Knowing that you've let someone down, or that you've done something to make yourself or the ones you love look bad.


How many wars, duels and fist-fights have broken out due to loss of face? Countless. Hell, I can't count all of the times that it's happened to me alone. Pride cometh before the fall. No shit.

What complicates the situation is when you are not sure if you should just move on past the thing that caused the embarrassment, or if you should go out of your way to apologize and fix the situation. There's a balance between "thinking things to death" and "not giving a rat's ass", but that balance is hard for some people to find.

I always always lean on the "thinking things to death" side of the fence. Doubly so when the initial embarrassment involved someone I care about.

None of this is new to any of you O astute readers, I realize. But stating it aloud makes me consider it carefully. Under the microscope so to speak. Mostly because I have always considered myself an emotionally mature person.

Maybe I am in the grand cosmic scheme of things.. but I keep finding areas to work on.. Improve.. This is pretty natural, I'm sure.. but I'm old now.. *points at the gray hairs*.. SEE? So I should be fixed by now, right?

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