Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WTF? (AKA Only In Utah)

True story. I was walking into the local grocery store, on a mission of mercy, when I overheard this cute little kid and her big burly nine-foot-four-inch father's conversation:

(NOTE: This is word for word to the best of my recollection.. )

Kid: Daddy, I want a treat
Dad: You’ll get what I get you and you be thankful
Kid: Daddy, you always get me poo, I don’t want poo
Dad: I don’t get you poo, you just eat it on your own.. hush now, Daddy’s thinkin’.
Kid: Are you thinkin’ about my treat or about poo?
Dad: Dammit, your treat is to eat for two weeks, daddy’s thinkin’ about huntin’
Kid: (mostly to herself) All I ever get is poo.

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Boogie Man Montoya said...

Ye gods. It's almost frightening how this state can jump between Stepford-esque optimism to deep Ozarks without having to travel more than a hundred feet.

And yet, the phrase "All I ever get is poo" makes for some damn fine philosophy.