Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Swear To You People....

From "What Did I Ever Give You" by the Kaiser Chiefs

What did I ever give you
When you wanted me to
All I gave you was grief
Are you sick to your teeth

..... Sometimes I wish I had never invented the Interwebz. Seriously! Y'all are abusing the privilege! I'm half tempted to take it away from you for a few days.. See how many of you survive.


But I won't.. I never do. I threaten, I bluster, but I am a gentle and benevolent Swede.

However, I will shake my fist at you. I will sigh extravagantly at my monitor. I will bear this burden one more day..

... but watch yourselves. You never know what tomorrow holds.

(Shamelessy borrowed from some un-named poster on some seldom used forum.. completely without permission.. however, if the creator of this fine piece of work happens across my Blog, thank you!)

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