Monday, March 23, 2009

Sea of Stupidity

I sailed across a misty sea,
the dark sea of stupidity.
Where many creatures gazed at me,
who thought my wit a mystery.

I reached out for the farthest shore,
but through the mist and seabirds soar,
I caught a glimpse, but nothing more.
of that long sought far off shore.

So now I fight the furious tide,
as salt and sea blind my eyes..
I savor not, this joyless ride,
which only ends on yonder side!

Even now, while I speak,
the floorboards of my soul grow weak,
and as each wave bares its peak,
I dearly dream of the shore I seek..

One thing, yet, may bring me peace..
the sweet solemn peace of thought release,
but of my mind the sharks will feast..
dare I tempt the angry seas.
On the dark sea of stupidity.

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AndreaDo said...

That was beautiful!