Thursday, August 7, 2008


From "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction

She sings a song and
I listen to what it says:
If you want a friend
Feed any animal...
There was so much space
I cut me a piece
With some fine wine
It brought peace to my mind
In the summertime...
And it rolled

So many things to do, so little time. Evertime I look around, more of summer's gone!

We've started talking about the Podcast again. A slightly different line-up and a slightly different agenda, but WOOOOOO, Podcasting again. Go us!

Corissa and I have fallen in love with Ice Skating. Seriously. Yeah, it doesn't SOUND manly until you see me ice scating on katanas, rather than skates while fighting off a live grizzly bear!! We'd like to take lessons, but out schedule's so crazy it's hard to make time.

There's this seriously cute Asian girl that has been there both times we've gone. She's an amazing skater and a really funny person. She's trying to show me how to skate, but that mostly ends up with me giving her dirty looks as I pick myself up off the ice (to the sweet sound of her giggling.. ). I'm telling you folks, she'll be big one day.. BIG. Well, a teeeensy sort of big, but still!

We're starting to practice music again. I watched a video by Cavedoll the other day, and the bassist is just too freakin cool for words. (actually, the band is freakin cool, and if you want to hear a very well phrased review of them from someone who has seen them live, go to Jere's Page HERE!). However, if you just want to experience the band firsthand from the safety of your PC, go HERE.. There's a list of songs there as long as my arm that you can peep into.

Of special note is their version of Mountain Song, by Jane's Addiction.. Hubbah..

We've got our first pseudo gig on the 15th.. specifically we're going camping and taking some acoustic instruments and jamming a bit. I'm looking forward to it. However, seeing her rock out with Cavedoll makes me ask the Pick vs No Pick question.

PS - as an aside, I found out about this band through Jere. I loved what I heard so I rushed out and google-stalked the hell out of them. It occurred to me that they'd love more publicity, so I added Knesses (The female vocals for the band) myspace page to my links. After thinking about it, I thought it was a bit presumptious to do so, considering they don't know me from Adam (except that I'm MUCH more charming...) and that it was her personal page.

I did this because her page talked about the band, about songs, tours and merchandise and was pretty groovy. However, considering my newness to Blogging, it occurred to me that maybe I was committing some horrible faux pas, and the very folks who I'm admiring might think me a schmuck.

Ergo I've removed the link, but will post more spiffy links to their actual band site. Everyone wins and I avoid a potential creepy fanboi situation.

Phwew!! This Blogging can be a complicated business folks! And now, back to the remainder of my post, already in progress

NEXT, we're trying to buy a house. If you've ever done it before, then you know that this is one of the single most intimidating ventures ever.. Finding a good deal on a great place in a fantastic area is harder and harder to do, and I'm on a budget!!! Luckily, we've got some good friends who handle the Loan side and the Realtor side of the House Hunt.. so they've been giving us advice a go go!!

Life is fantastic, people. Every now and then you just need to stop and eat a few of the roses!!

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Jer said...

We need to hit a Cavedoll show soon, my brutha.