Friday, August 8, 2008

An Ode To DMAC -

From "Dungeons and Dragons" by The Dead Ale-wives

Graham: Fine fine you attack the darkness. there’s an elf in front of you.
Picard: Whoa! That’s me right?
Graham: He’s wearing a , h, uh brown tunic and he has gray hair and blue eyes.
Picard: No I don’t, I have gray eyes.
Graham: Let me see that sheet.
Picard: Well it says I have, well it says I have blue but I decided I wanted gray eyes.
Graham: Whatever, ok, you guys can talk to each other now if you want.
Galstaff: Hello.
Picard: Hello.

Several years ago, we had the excellent fortune of befriending a fantastic up-and-coming artist named DMAC. He frequented our site, checked out our podcast and was an all around A-1 kind of guy..

Well, he liked what he heard about some of the characters involved in one of our games, and he offered to draw up the characters for me.

I stumbled across these pictures not long ago and was reminded of how skilled he is!

Here they are again for your viewing pleasure.

PS - these are based off of characters that I've played in various RPGs..

This is his rough draft of The Greek Grappler.. Fun character idea, but never went anywhere.. Even in rough form, this is amazing work!
Here she is in her final version. He wanted her to look oiled up for some wrasslin. =)
This is the rough draft of Scrap, who was another character that actually got a little air time. He was built with scraps and pieces of other fallen warforged..
Here's the final version. What's amazing to me is how well he understood exactly what I was talking about when I described the character. He seemed to "Feel" it.

Ahhh, good times, good times. Thank you DMAC

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