Monday, October 13, 2008

Small Correction - WDtCP Post

Ok, slight correction..

Cat Stevens WAS a very cool musician. He ended up making some life choices that took him away from the type of music I enjoyed for many years. Apparently he's just barely getting back into it, but you just can't... go... home....

So when I say Cat Stevens is cool, I mean; Cat Stevens was one helluva musician before he embraced religion.

Which.. Man, you know, I try to be open minded and supportive of people and their choices. A person could make sweet whoopee to Emus for all I care.. but what I can't abide is people who make a conscious choice to give up something that is so obviously an inherent part of their being.

WTF man? WTF?

I thank my heathenistic ways that Michaelangelo, Monet, Van Gogh, David Byrne, Steven Brust didn't get 'the call' forcing them to turn their backs on what they are.

I respect religions for certain things.. Specifically, I dig that they usually have a doctrine of peace and brotherly love.. I wish more people were generous, caring and compassionate. I guess it's just frustrating to me that humanity (in general - please don't feel the overwhelming need to be included in this generalization if it doesn't apply to you..) NEEDS a god standing over your shoulder telling you to not steal, lie, cheat, covet and kill.

Seriously, folks, WTF?

A good parallel is; do you really need a warning sticker on a curling iron that says "Please don't stick this hot curling iron up your ass" for you to realize that it's a bad idea? Do you really need a strangely ethereal (and often floaty) deity teaching you manners and respect?

Well if you do you're a freakin nitwit. By the way, please don't stick a hot curling iron up your ass!

I'm proud to say that I've never begged the FSM for any special favors, treatment or advice. Why? Because I know with a vast certainty that any advice his Noodly benigness would grant would merely be an echo of my own thoughts and feelings.

I have my own demons, I know. I'm not perfect. Hell, if perfect were a spot on the map, I wouldn't even be ON the same map. But the mistakes I make are mine. The glories and the triumphs I have are mine. No toga-toting holy roller with an ultra-violet aura is going to steal my thunder or be my scapegoat.

I recently watched a show called Religulous. If you hven't seen it, I invite you to check it out.

*pant pant pant*



And do you know what makes me even more angry (or sad, as the case may be..) is that I am afraid to say anything that might really upset certain religious types. Why? Well, if they're going to booze up and riot for someone showing an image on a cartoon, what will they do if someone says "Jeez, your religion scares the shit out of me! Enough that I'm afraid to say it scares the shit out of me!"

Well, enough of that.. I'm scared. I'm scared to freakin death of certain religions. I applaud those brave enough to create shows and essays like Religulus. In light of recent murders and bombings and rampant death and killings, I think they've got balls of titanium. (Or, breasts of titanium.. as the case may be). I know that it was only a small number of certain sects of certain religions that have done this..

...... but they did it.

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